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If you have any question please visit the Contact page and I will be glad to get back to you as soon as I can.

Touring, gigging and session Experience

2020 – Your Story Matter Tour – Production Manager

2016 – present: hired Drummer at Life Church in Auburndale, FL

2019 – One off Audio Asset/Drum Tech for Troy Bruner of Judah & the Lion

2019 – One off Drum tech for Forrest Rice of Covet

2019 – One off Drum tech for Jason Burrows

2019 – hired session drummer for Jorge

2019 – hired one off Drum tech for Southeastern University (Aaron Battle of Dante Bowe)

2019 to Jan 2020 – live drummer for Mary Beth Koplin

2019 to 2020 – drum tech/fill in for Korky Butto for Jack Smink

2018 – House Of Blues: Drum Tech for Oscar A. Garcia filling in for A Fine Line

2018 – Revival Tour: Drum Tech for Austin Ware & FOH Engineer

2018 – session drummer for Jonah Krull LoFi

2018 – 2020: house session drummer for FullSail University

2017 – Keep Pressing on: Quarter-Life Crisis by B.Dobbs

2017 – We Ain’t Friends No More: Quarter-Life Crisis by B.Dobbs

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Thursday Thoughts: Head Choice makes a difference! (USE 🎧 🎧 I phone audio) . . . Like we talked about on Tuesday, experimenting with different types of drum heads really helps you test what works for the sounds your wanting to create. In this situation I tried this Remo P77 on this drum and another drum with similar results. For me and the desire to have versatility in my drums this head was much too thick for what I’m looking for. As you can hear I had to really crank up the P77 to produce a similar sound that was easily achieved with the newly added Remo Controlled Sound. Additionally, when tuning the P77 down you lose a lot of the attack and presence that comes from this beautiful Poplar shell. Yet you get a wonderful controlled and focused crack when you crank up this head which is why I still love it for particular situations. Although, when I slapped that Remo Controlled Sound on there it really opened up this snare and brought out the tones I was looking for. It feels less compressed and more exciting. In the end, experimenting really help you come to these conclusions so keep trying new things when you can. It really makes life much more exciting!! Weeeellllll that’s all from me, have a fantastic rest of the week, love you guys!! Okay. Byeeeee. 🥁🤓👊🏻❤️🙏🏻 — If you are a church, venue or a gigging/session drummer and need your drums maintained or just tuned head on over to the link in my bio for more information! Start taking care of your drums today!! — Check out the @linktr.ee link in my bio for all the link goodness!! — #testabeatdrums #geargeek #drumheads #drumset #drums #drum #baterista #drumtech‬ #drummer #thelonghairs #innovative #creativepercussion #BFSDartist #bigfatsnaredrum #VF15 #snareweight #florida #drumsultant #theprocess #findyoursound #understandingdrums #keeponlearning #tuneyourdrums #tuning #drumtuning #maintenance #softwood #greenfield #vintage #poplar

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Hired Session Drum Tech

Per day. This does not include room and travel. Rate will adjust accordingly. Contact for more information and pricing.


Hired Road Drum Tech

Per Show. This does not include room and travel. Rate will adjust accordingly. Contact for more information and pricing if needed.


Throughout my time as a Professional Tech & Drum tech I have developed skills that doesn’t just make me good at my job but helps make sure everyone else is able to do their job without concern or complications. Thats the number one reason why I strive to be great at my job so that others are given the opportunity to focus and are not worried about me.

If you want a tech that has experience on the road and in the studio, who is focused on gets the job done and understands his role to help a session or show go smoothly then you have come to the right place. Im excited to have the opportunity to work with you.

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Drum Session – Final Mix

Hired Gun on a gig

Provides kit, cymbals, sticks and hardware. Per Show. Contact for more information and pricing.


Session drummer

This price is based off a per song basis up to 4 songs, each song being $140 a piece. After the 4th song the price drops to $70 per song. Contact for more information and pricing.


As a drummer of 10+ year, I have had the ability to play on some amazing music with top-level musicians. This has helped me develop the skills needed to learn, play and perform at a professional level.

Additionally, with recording my first couple of songs at the age of 17 I have learned that there is more to it than just playing the song. Making sure that the feel, gear, and approach to the song being recorded all makes sense to the artist.

What you are getting when you hire me for a gig or session is a well-seasoned professional who will be ready to go and will not waste time knowing the job at hand. Here is a link to my past recording sessions on my Sound Cloud Page

For additional live footage, please visit my Instagram or YouTube page.

If you have any question please visit the Contact page and I will be glad to get back to you as soon as I can!