Nate Testa – The Drumsultant

Have you ever needed…

New drum heads?

A wider knowledge of tuning techniques?

Tuning for your drum set?

Some drum set and drum cage TLC?

advice on your next drum set purchase?

Help building your brand on social media?

EQing for a drum kit in a house of worship, venue or home studio?

And never could find anyone…..

Now you can!

With constant growth as a professional Drum Tech, Live/Studio Engineer, live/session drummer and content creator I hope to be able to assistant……..

  • Churches, venues, studios and drummers that have a hard time keeping up with the maintenance of their drums themselves because of business of work & life, the rotation of musicians or just simply not knowing how too.
  • Learning how to tune your drums to achieve the sound you have in your head.
  • With providing drums for your live or studio needs.
  • needing a drum tech in the studio or for live events.
  • Helping dial in drums on your sound board if needed.


  • Provide business and marketing strategies (including social media) to help take your business and online presence to the next level.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me a message on any of my social media channels or visit my Contact Page

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We’ve had a great experience working with Nate. He has always been on time, completed his work with great detail, and is very knowledgeable.

We highly recommend Testa Beat Drums!

Hope, Music Director at FLC
Freedom Life Church

Hope (Music Director at FLC)

“A few weeks ago I took my “go to” snare to my man my brother Nate and I asked him for a unique sound that would fit properly with one of my gigs and this guy FOUND IT, the incredible thing is that I have used it for three gigs already in which the snare fit with the songs and it is still with the same quality of sound .. 💯% RECOMEND Nate Testa if you are looking for a specific sound! Thank your bro!”

Geyden Caraballo Santos (gigging drummer)