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How to Mic a drum set!

How to Mic a drum set for worship!

Me and Jake (from Church Front) are back at it again and this time with fully loaded, information packed podcast about everything from microphone choices for your drum kit, microphone placement and EQ for those microphone.

Below are some microphone options that you can look into so that you can not just get the best bang for your buck but get microphones that will last you longer then just two years.

Moreover, I know there will be a lot of information all at once in this podcast, so if you need any further help please don’t hesitate to jump over to my Contact Page and I would be glad to give you a hand!

Additionally, if you missed the first episode I was on I’ll leave a link below for you guys to check it out!

First Podcast with Jake from Church Front!


Sennheiser e604 3 pack – $350 bucks toms (Sweetwater)

sennheiser e609 – $110. Snare bottom (Sweetwater)

sennheiser e602 ii – $160 kick drum (Sweetwater)

sennheiser e 614 – $220 overhead (Sweetwater) (condenser)

sennheiser e 914 – $380 overhead (Sweetwater) (condenser)


Audix DP7 Plus Bundle – $1100 (Sweetwater)

* 3 condensers

* 2 audix d2

* 1 audix i5

* 1 audix d4

* 1 audix d6


Shure beta 52a – $190 (Sweetwater) kick drum

Shure sm57 – $100 (Sweetwater) Snare too and bottom (cardioid)

Shure sm81 – $350 (Sweetwater) over head mics directional

Shure sm137 – $180 (Sweetwater) over head mics cardioid

Shure PGA56 – $64 (Sweetwater) tom mics cardioid


Thanks for checking out this blog and if you like it please share this blog with others that you think might need help with micing, maintenancing your drum!

See you guys!! ✌🏻✌🏻


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