Drum Repair

How to change a Snare Side drum head!

https://youtu.be/4WfjzmKWuTc Changing out a Snare Side Head! When I first started to maintenance my drums one of the scariest things that I had to do was change out my snare side drum head. The main fear that surfaced was the idea that I could not get the sound or tuning back after changing out the… Continue reading How to change a Snare Side drum head!

Tech Tips

Are Drum Key’s Important?

Drum Keys..........For starters, drum keys have to be the most underrated piece of hardware we use for our drums. They get lost, forgotten and even left behind because the thought is “I'll just grab another one.” Yet, these little pieces of hardware help us shape the tone we desire to produce. If we don’t have… Continue reading Are Drum Key’s Important?

Gear Reviews

Hendrix Drums 6.5×14 Bubinga Perfect Ply series snare – On the Couch

https://youtu.be/x3MdY41LIlc What’s up to all my drummers and drum nerds alike. This week we are back with the first blog and video of a new year and decade in 2020!!!! This one starts off with a very simple yet exciting story! Back in late 2017 only a couple of months after I had inherited an… Continue reading Hendrix Drums 6.5×14 Bubinga Perfect Ply series snare – On the Couch

Podcast Appearance

How to Mic a drum set!

How to Mic a drum set for worship! Me and Jake (from Church Front) are back at it again and this time with fully loaded, information packed podcast about everything from microphone choices for your drum kit, microphone placement and EQ for those microphone. Below are some microphone options that you can look into so… Continue reading How to Mic a drum set!

Gear Reviews

Pearl Free Floating Snare

There are very few times in life where a beauty just drops into your lap. Yes, even with my wife I had to work for that to happen lol. Yet, with snares I always find myself looking and searching for great deals and great quality. Well, I was gifted (which I later traded for my… Continue reading Pearl Free Floating Snare