Tech Tips

Are Drum Key’s Important?

Drum Keys..........For starters, drum keys have to be the most underrated tool we have to use for our drums. They get lost, forgotten and even left behind because the thought is “Ill just grab another one.” Yet, these little tools help us shape the tone we desire to produce. If we don’t have them, we… Continue reading Are Drum Key’s Important?

Gear Reviews

On The Couch Mini: Top 5 Drum Keys!

On The Couch Mini: Top 5 Drum Keys Link to YouTube video is above👆🏻👆🏻 Here we are in another week starting a new small mini series called On Th Couch Mini, the snack-able show where we talk about gear, tips and tricks that are over looked by drummers all the time! The first piece of… Continue reading On The Couch Mini: Top 5 Drum Keys!

Gear Reviews

On the Couch Saturday: WE ARE BACK!!!!!!! ITS FINALLY HERE!! Ever since I met Nick Jones from N&C late last year I had always been wanting to get my hands on one of their snares to review! Because Noble & Cooley are one of the oldest companies around, starting production of drums in 1854, it is really hard for them to… Continue reading On the Couch Saturday: WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!

Podcast Appearance

How to Mic a drum set!

How to Mic a drum set for worship! Me and Jake (from Church Front) are back at it again and this time with fully loaded, information packed podcast about everything from microphone choices for your drum kit, microphone placement and EQ for those microphone. Below are some microphone options that you can look into so… Continue reading How to Mic a drum set!


New Interview on Drum Showroom!

Link to Episode Since December of 2017 I have been working with Dan from The Drum Showroom “the gear show” with social media. This time has helped not just in my knowledge of gear and a way to connect with amazing people but has helped me grow in speaking, writing and building my business! This… Continue reading New Interview on Drum Showroom!