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The 5 MUST HAVE gifts 🎁 : The gifts that keep on giving!

Hello to all my drummers and drum nerds alike. This week their will be no video and we will start fresh with two new reviews when we relaunch in 2020.

Until then I thought that since, of the time of this blogs release, Christmas is only five days away we could dive into five gifts that as a drummer can give yourself that only cost you less then $50 dollars and that will change your snare sound and drum sound forever!

The 5 Gifts to make your drums look and sound like a Pro!

I want to start off with two concepts that have really shaped my way of thinking when I approach the maintenance and tuning of my drums. So then, let’s get started!

#1 The Art of Drum Tuning!

This is something that is GOING to take time and that you have to be patient with. A lot of drummers want that quick fix like a DrumDial or TuneBot when it comes to tuning.

The longevity of those products just don’t last because your now truly giving yourself the chance to learn this skill. These products can easily break or get lost and if that happens then what?

Now I’m not saying that those are horrible products or that you should not buy them. I just believe that they unknowingly create more of a problem then they do fixing the problem.

They create lazy drummers that no longer want or put in the full effort to tune their drums with their ears.

What if you did that with your playing and used things that only helped you in the moment but without that one thing you could play as good. It’s the same thing with drum tuning and using these products.

By doing this, It makes you rely on that product more then the two free tuning tools that we all have……our ears.

The crazy part about drums that I have found to make those products very insignificant is the fact that some of the best sounding drums I have ever heard or tuned are drums that all the tension points are not the same.

No, they are not all over the place but they are just slightly off and not tuned exactly like these products do for your drums.

Taking up this art form definitely consumes time but it pays back in full in the end.

#2 Stereo Tuning Method or Two Key Method.

This is as simple as it sounds. It’s just taking two keys and instead of doing one tension point at a time you tune the tension point right across from the point you’re currently at simultaneously.

This ensures that you are tuning each point to the same tension while being able to feel each at the same time. I learned this from a video I saw from Kenny Sharretts on his YouTube page which I will link below!


This flows right into number three and that is Drum Key Choice! For me my go to drum keys are the Remo QuickTech Drum keys!

They have everything you need in a drum key like a rubber spin grip to finger tighten, Hex-shaped top for a power drill, durability, extended length and fits well in the hands.

For someone that has big hands this is the best tool I have in my tool box along with the knowledge of how to make the drum sound like a pro! If I had to start from scratch I would buy two of these rounding you out to about $22 bucks with tax.


This next piece of gear is probably way out in left field for a lot of you guys but this one has helped me on a lot of drum maintenance jobs and with my personal drums and that is……. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes! This is only about $3 with tax!!

I know, a weird piece of gear yet so valuable when it comes to take crap off of your drums. This product has helped me turn a dust infected, crummy looking drum back to its former glory in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, to silence your worry this does not hurt the drums finish or wrap at all. Just simply cleans it off to bring back the shine.


Talking about shine, the way I do the final polish to the drum is with this next product and it’s not even for drums it’s for cars and it’s the…..

Zwipes Extra Large Plush Pocketed Microfiber drying towel! It’s simply just a car towel lol

This is priced at only $5.14+tax at Walmart and it was the best thing I ever got. You have a lot of towel to work with and really brings the shine back into your drums.


The last thing I would say to really assure you can create an amazing drum sound is changing out your heads every six to eight months.

This is strictly on you because only you know how much the sound has changed over the time you have been playing your drums. This will keep you and your ears used to hearing fresh and great sounding drums all the time!

I really hope this has helped and if it has share this blog post with friends and drummers you know. Who knows, you might stop someone from buying a snare or drum they don’t need and actually invest some time into the drums they already have. 🤔 Have a great weekend and a Merry Christmas!

If you have any questions or you just think I’m wrong don’t hesitate to leave a comment for any reason 😀🤘🏻🥁🤓


Thank you guys for checking this Blog out!!

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See you guys!! ✌🏻✌🏻


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