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Hendrix Drums 6.5×14 Bubinga Perfect Ply series snare – On the Couch

What’s up to all my drummers and drum nerds alike. This week we are back with the first blog and video of a new year and decade in 2020!!!!

This one starts off with a very simple yet exciting story!

Back in late 2017 only a couple of months after I had inherited an Instagram page which is now called Official Snare Geek I made friends with a drum builder named Manuel from Era Drum Company who was going to NAMM that year. We will be reviewing a snare from him very soon!!

He kindly took over the page for that duration of time. During the time he came across a company that was doing a short run of a tribute snare to John Blackwell and it’s was fantastic. I would later learn that this company was Hendrix Drums!!

I chatted with them a little but we both kind of went out separate ways! Fast forward to September of last year and we got talking again. After a couple of great conversations they wanted to send over a snare for me to check out!

After patiently waiting the snare came in and boy was I very impressed!!

The first things that hit me was right out of the box was this bad boy was tuned up and ready to be played. Sitting right at it’s sweet spot I didn’t have to do much to get this drum ready to rock!

Secondly, this snare has an absolutely beautiful clear lacquer finish which they call a Glass finish that really allows the grain of the wood that’s underneath to pop!

You normally don’t see a finish like this on a snare that is worth less then $500. Yet because Hendrix is able to create there own hardware and shell design they can keep the price of creating amazing looking drums at an affordable price for the working drummer. They do have higher build quality options in their Archetype Stave Series!

The shell is a 5mm, 6 ply African Waterfall Bubinga! The reason why it is called waterfall is because this hard wood grows close to the flow of water and constantly gets hit by it throughout its lifetime. Just like water the grain on this species of wood connects and has a constant flow to it really making it truly a beauty of nature! The shell additionally has maple re-rings for support and beautiful accent to the inner part of the shell.

Moving to hardware, you are looking at hand designed and crafted hardware in house including their custom lugs and Reverse flange hoops with laser etched HD Logo. This is a nod to the Slingerland stick savor hoops with a little bit more of an inward tilt.

To make it even sweeter they added the infamous INDe throw off and butt, FatCat Snare wires and outfitted with Hendrix Drums branded Remo drum heads!

You are getting every ounce of bang for your buck on these beautiful crafted snare drums. But after all this talking don’t take my word for it, go take a click over to my YouTube page to hear this fantastic snare!

Thank you again to Joe Fazzio and the whole team over at Hendrix Drums for this opportunity, to many more!!

Hendrix Drums perfect ply

– 6.5×14 Bubinga shell with maple re-rings

– 45° inner cut with a slight round over outer.

– Pure 6 ply 5mm African Waterfall

– The Hendrix Sleeved Washer on the tension rods

– Reverse flange hoops with laser etched HD Logo.

(A nod to the Slingerland stock savor hoops)

– INDe throw off and butt

– Fat Cat wires

– HD / Remo heads

If you have any questions or you just think I’m wrong don’t hesitate to leave a comment for any reason 😀🤘🏻🥁🤓


Thank you guys for checking this Blog out!!

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See you guys!! ✌🏻✌🏻


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