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Era Drum Co. 14″ x 5.5″ Maple/Birch Snare Drum – On The Couch

What’s up to all my drummers and drum nerds alike. This week we are back with another killer demo of the last snare drum in this series!

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I know y’all want to hear this drum!

Like I mentioned last week in late 2017, only a couple of months after I had inherited an IG page which is now called Official Snare Geek, I made friends with a drum builder named Manuel from Era Drum Company who lived in California and was going to NAMM that year.

He kindly took over the page for that duration of time when I honestly only had a couple thousand followers on that page.

This is turned into a fantastic friendship that consist of nerding about drums, building ideas, business and passionately expressing our love for drums.

I am so grateful for him and all the great work he does with his company Era Drum Company. He is consistently thinking of new designs and features to let his drums stick out from the rest!

For example, as you can see on the drum there is not a noticeable air hole on the drum. This has a lot to do with the creative finish and paint detail he does on the shell, which is more aesthetically pleasing without the big hole there.

To keep this look interesting and aesthetically pleasing Manuel thought to put small holes in the shell right under the bottom part of the each tube lug. This way it looks clean yet the air can still escape, a very practical solution!

Additionally to his creative ideas Manuel really makes beautifully crafted quality drums. They don’t just look great but they sound fantastic, hold their tuning and more importantly get the job done. He is very keen on focusing the drum around your needs and what it’s going to be used for. So when you have an idea he will help guide that idea into a drum that will stay on your kit for years to come.

I had such a blast demoing this snare and I hope you enjoy listening to it. Enjoy the video!!


Era Drum Co.

5.5×14 8 ply Maple/birch blend (1ply maple, 2ply birch, 1ply maple,1ply birch,1ply maple, 1ply birch, 1 ply maple)

Round 45° bearing edges

brass hardware

Snare beds are 1/8 cut off

Pure sound snare wires

Batter head: Remo Ambassador

Resonate head: Remo Ambassador


Thank you guys for checking this Blog post out!!

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Thank you guys again for reading and watching!!

See you guys!! ✌🏻✌🏻


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