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Off Beat Drum Co. 6.5×13 Copper Snare Drum: The Little Beast!

Hello to all my drummers and drum nerds alike. We are back with another Snare drum demo and chat about an amazing up and coming company!

Earlier this year I was checking through Instagram like I do on digging around for some snares to share and drool over lol. While doing so I came across a snare that Gabe Helgurera from Drum Beats Online reviewed on his YouTube page.

This sparked my interest in learning more about the company (even thigh I found out later I was already following them lol) and after checking their interesting drums out contacted the owner Jordan Kozelka.

After telling me his story on how he started the company (which I will not get into, yet he is more then happy to tell you himself 😀) we starting trading off idea and getting to know one another. Eventually when he had a drum free he send over this beautiful snare drum to me to demo and put through the glorious gauntlet I call my playing lol.

Before I go into my thoughts about this snare let me explain how this snare was built.

The shell is a rolled 24 gauge piece of beautiful patina copper (which is done by a process called oxidation which is a mild form of rust done by Jordan himself) that has over lapped ends that are then sealed together by a various amount (Depending On the depth) of copper rivets.

Then maple re-rings are inserted Inside the top and bottom of the shell that, connected by various amounts of copper rivets as well, turns into the bearing edge of the snare drum. The cut on the bearing edge is a hybrid of a round-over outer and 45° Inner.

Everything else is pretty standard. You got chrome plated brass tuned lugs, pure sound snare wires, 2.3 triple flanged hoops, Remo drum heads and the killer INDe throw-off and butt.

After taking it out on gigs and playing it at home I was impressed on how easy it was to tune along with how wide it’s sound spectrum was. This gave me so many options when I came into situation when I needed a specific sound, this snare had it.

Even to a point that I only had to tune up or down a half turn on all the tension rods and was able to get a completely new sound.

This snare is a fine piece of playable art and I hope by now you stopped reading this and jumped over to my YouTube page to check out how this snare sounds. Believe me, you will not be disappointed, I sure wasn’t!

Thank you guys again for reading, watching and listening! Your support is overwhelming. Thanks for checking in and I’ll chat at you in the next one!!!

If you have any questions or you just think I’m wrong don’t hesitate to leave a comment for any reason 😀🤘🏻🥁🤓


Again here is the link to the YouTube video, Enjoy!!


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