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How to build a drum set for worship!

How to build a drum set for worship!

What is up everyone!

I know it has been a long time since I put out a blog post but now is a better time then ever!

A couple weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to talk to Jake Gosselin at Church Front about drum set up for worship!

We had a lot of fun and really got a chance to dive into a full set up (or more so I beat around the bush about it lol) !

We hit on everything from shells to hardware and even a deep dive into the most important thing about a drum set……YOU the drummer!

Additionally there was a lot of stuff I was not able to hit on so below I have a full list of gear to help you get started with a good kit for your church if your looking to upgrade and everything that you need that comes with it!

Thank you guys for listening and if you have any questions please visit my Contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Thank you guys again for all your support and I’ll see you in the next upcoming videos!

Affordable Drum Kits! Quality cymbal packs and durable hardware!

1. Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Shell Pack – Raven Black ($649.99) with snare.

Snare = 5.5×14

Toms = 7×10, 8×12, 15×16 (floor tom)

Bass Drum = 17×22

Includes tom holder

2. Ludwig Element Evolution 6-pc Drumset with Zildjian ZBT cymbals ($799.99)

Snare = 5×14

Rack Toms = 8×10, 9×12,

Floor tom = 14×14, 16×16

Bass Drum = 18×22

Cymbals = 20”(ride),16”(crash),14”(hats)

Comes with hardware

3. Gretsch Drums Catalina Club Rock 4-pieces shell pack with snare drum. (899.99)

Snare = 6.5×14

Mounted tom = 9×13

Floor tom = 16×16

Kick Drum = 14×24

Comes with hardware as well

4. Pearl Roadshow 5 piece complete drum set with cymbals, Rock, Charcoal Megallic ($529.00) with snare

Snare = 6.5×14

Rack tom = 9×12

Floor Toms = 14×14, 16×16

Kick drum = 16×22

Comes with hardware

Cymbals = 16”(crash/ride), 14”(hi-hats)

Cymbal packs and hardware(drum throne)

1. Zildjian A series 391 Box Set ($749.95)

2. Zildjian K series Cymbal pack (dark) ($959.95)

3. Zildjian k sweet Series (individually sold) (15” hi hats = $490) (16”, 17”, 18”, 19”, 20” crash = between $270 to $360) (21” ride = $400) ( 23” ride = $470) (all are options)

4. Sabian HHX Evolution set (899.99)

5. Dw 3000 series hardware pack ($350)

6. Roc-n-soc nitro hydraulic throne – Black ($170)

Drum head choice

For Tom batter side

1. Remo pinstripes or Remo emperor (clear or coated)

2. Remo P3

For Tom Rezo side

1. Remo Emperors

For Bass drum batter side (most bass drum packs comes with two heads for batter and rezo)

1. Remo Power stroke P3 (clear or coated)

2. Remo Pinstripe Bass drum head

3. Remo Powerstroke Pro(coated or clear)

For snare drum

1. Remo ambassador

2. Remo Control Sound

3. Remo P3 coated

For Snare side

1. Remo Ambassador Snare side

All priced found on Sweetwater.com

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