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Holloman Custom Drums Stave Snare Review!

What’s up Snare Geek family, back again with another snare review from an amazing company named Holloman Custom Drums.

This is a father (Bob) and son (Robert) duo in making amazing and well crafted stave snare drums.

First off what is a stave shell, well they give a fantastic explanation on there website that is located below….

“ Stave shells are comprised of vertically oriented pieces of wood joined with precision angles to form a ring –think of a barrel. After the shell is glued, it is turned on a lathe and then sanded before the finish is applied. This method of construction provides multiple benefits. Compared to a ply shell there is very little glue; glue does not resonate sound waves as well as wood. The other major benefit is the orientation of the grain. A stave shell is much less likely to go out of round and is very stable. ”

This snare drum really represents the journey of a woodworker and attention to detail that is needed to create an amazing stave snare drum!

So without further ado let’s get to hearing this amazing snare drum from Holloman Custom Drums!

Holloman Custom Drums


Walnut (20 staves), Maple (20 Strips)

Bearing edge: Rounded over 45”

Chrome plated Brass Tubed lugs

2.3 triple flanged hoops

Multi-position Trick throw off

Evans drumheads

Batter: – G1 coated

Rezo – snare side 300


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