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Lake Erie Drumworks Snare Review

As we expand in our knowledge of the drum industry we come across two types of drums, mass produced drums made in factories and custom made drums we call heirlooms. These two types of drums do the exact same thing yet, perform so much differently.

This past week I had the pleasure of adding to a builders process in reviewing an 18 stave White Oak snare drum.

This drum, although with its flows, opened my eyes even more to see the beauty of what a drum looks like built by a true craftsman!

In this review you might have just found the snare drum that provides you with the heirloom you have long desired!

Builders name: Armando

Lake Erie Drumworks

the “Reaper”

Shell: Quartersawn White Oak

Size: 5.5×13

Finish: Ebonized

Hardware: Black Nickel

Serial No: 0118-001

Throw-off: Tama liner-drive MLS50A(strainer), MLS50B(butt)

Staves used: 18 staves

If you have any questions regarding anything of these things talked about or have something to add don’t hesitate to leave a comment, suggestion or request below.


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Lake Erie Drumworks


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