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2017 PDP Concept Series 5.5×14 Snare!

This next 10 lug snare drum is not just versital but very affordable as well. A lot of us want that big sound that only a metal or maple shell can provide but don’t want to have to lug it around.

For only $210 this drum gives you the durability, sound and versatility you need in a very day giging drum!

This was a very beneficial buy at only about $170 and solved my problem of having to lug my 8×14 steel DW around.

Very excited to dive full on into this drum and hear all the amazing tones that come forth!

PDP Concept series 5.5×14

Black Nickel over Steel Snare Drum

10 lug configuration


1mm rolled steel shell

Plated finish

Mirror-like black nickel

Dual-turret lugs

MAG Throw-Offs

PDP Remo stock heads

If you have any questions regarding anything of these things talked about or have something to add don’t hesitate to leave a comment, suggestion or request below.


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