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On The Couch Saturday: Episode 6 – How It’s Made

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Hey guys!

Recently I have been doing a series of videos on my Instagram, Facebook and YouTube called ON THE COUCH SATURDAY!

I have decided to start posting these on my blog so that the peeps that are not on my Instagram, Facebook or YouTube can see what going on!!

This week is a little shorter on my end because we featured a video from the Los Cabos Drum Stick Family on how they make there killer sticks!

I have been playing these sticks for over 6 months and truly enjoy all the options they offer. As being still a relatively young company they are continually showing the drum industry that they can make a big impact!

They are building a competitive advantage as the young gun in the stick industry and you guarantee big things from them in 2019.

I hope this video give s little insight into there process and also grow you see there is more then just the big three when I comes to drum sticks!

Hope you guys enjoy. The link above is to my YouTube video but any platform you choose to watch is more then effective!!


Thanks for checking out this blog and if you like it please share this blog with others that you think might enjoy it as well!

See you guys!! ✌🏻✌🏻


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