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On The Couch Saturday : Episode 7 – The Thickest Stave Snare Ever Part 2

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Hey guys!

As most of you know, I have been doing a series of videos on my Instagram, Facebook and YouTube called ON THE COUCH SATURDAY!

This series is dedicated to informing people about not just the snares I play but the products I find really cool that can help create your sound after TUNING.

This week we are following up with part 2 of our review of the Blackout Series Birch from Woodland Percussion out of Pennsylvania!

This snare is as outspoken as it’s bigger brother and really packs a punch when I comes to every tunings. Below are all the specter to this mini beast, so let’s get on with it!!

**Blackout Seires Birch**

5×13 stave birch shell

Coated with Onix Black Paint in the shell

1/2 inch thick Shell

Black nickel hardware, tube lugs, MAG throw off, three position butt, triple flanged hoops

Double 45 degree bearing edges

Evan’s drum heads

Puresound snare wires


Thanks for checking out this blog and if you like it please share this blog with others that you think might enjoy it as well!

See you guys!! ✌🏻✌🏻

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